Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tat's All, Folks!

It all started with a bag of crochet cotton at a flea market. The contents were jumbled and included a lot of unidentified junk. Among these were some tatting shuttles, but I did not know what they were. There was some tatted lace in the mix, which I identified in a needlecraft book from my grandmother. Out of curiosity, I decided to try the art of tatting, using the book's instructions and the antique metal shuttles. It was a very frustrating process, but for some reason I didn't want to give up. I just kept trying until I finally understood how to create slip knots.

A few years later, I realized that I've given away everything good that I've ever made, including my tatting. I've made bookmarks, doilies, and lace edgings, but have no proof that I am a tat artist. I loved tatting from the start, but struggled to justify it for years because it is a very useless craft. My other interests, like sewing, have very practical applications which contrast greatly to the inapplicability of tatted lace. Nonetheless, tatting has been my favorite textile art since I learned it. I came to terms with it because I enjoy it so much and realize that I have to appreciate it as something beautiful; art brightens our lives. Fueled by this new enthusiasm, I am learning some more advanced tatting techniques and consequently have finished some lovely tatted pieces which I plan to give away. Before that happens, though, I need to take pictures. I am creating this blog so that I can remember what I've made and show it to other people.

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