Sunday, July 8, 2012

Black Raspberry Earrings

Name: Black Raspberry Earrings
Pattern: "Long Tatted Earrings" by Anastasia Maltseva,
Materials: Cotton tatting/crochet thread, size 70
Method: Shuttle tatting; rings, split rings, and chains
Time: 1 hour each; 2 hours total

Anastasia Maltseva’s website,, displays many lovely patterns which she has made available for free. I tried her Long Tatted Earrings ( in dark violet size 70 cotton tatting thread. I did not put beads on my version of these earrings. I love Ms. Maltseva’s earrings, but I was less pleased with mine; they seemed skewed and uneven. I do not like how the scallops along the outside edge are different sizes. If I were to use this pattern again, I would change the number of stitches in the chains to make them more even. The center motives, however, are very delicate and pretty, and demonstrate clever use of split rings to form a length of three flowers.

Nom: Black Raspberry boucles d'oreille
Modèle: "Long Tatted Earrings" par Anastasia Maltseva,
Matériels: fil coton, taille 70
Méthode: Navette; anneaux, anneaux brisés, et chaînes
Temps: 1 heure chaque boucle d'oreille; 2 heures total

Le site Web du Anastasia Maltseva,, affiche beaucoup de modèles charmants qui sont gratuit. J’ai fait les « Long Tatted Earrings » (boucle d’oreille longue de frivolité) ( avec fils violet coton de taille 70. Je n’ai pas utilisé les perles, comme Ms. Maltseva. J’adore ses boucles d’oreilles, mais je n’aime pas ma version ; il semble asymétrique. Les bords festonnés sont de tailles différentes. Si je vais aller utiliser ce modèle encore, je vais changer le nombre de points de suture sur chaque chaine pour faire les plus réguliers. Les motives du centre, cependant, sont très jolis et fine ; ils démontrent utilisation habile de anneaux brisés pour composer les trois fleurs.

Nombre: Black Raspberry pendientes
Patrón: "Long Tatted Earrings" por Anastasia Maltseva,
Materiales: hilo algodón, talla70
Método: naveta; anillos, anillos partidos, y cadenas
Tiempo: 1 hora cada pendiente; 2 horas en total

La sitio web de Anastasia Maltseva,, muestra muchos patrones lindas, y ellos son gratis. Hice los “Long Tatted Earrings” (largas pendientes de frivolité) ( con hilo violeta algodón de talla 70. No he usado cuentas como Ms. Maltseva. Me encanta los pendientes que ella hizo, pero no me gusta los de mio así mucho que ellas. Mis pendientes parecen desiguales, y no me gusta como las bordas onduladas no están iguales. Si voy a usar esta patrón otra vez, voy a cambiar cuanto pontos de sutura que pongo en cada cadena. Los adornos en el centro, no obstante, están muy menudo y delicado; los muestran un uso inteligente de anillos divididos para hacer las tres floras.


  1. If the stitch counts on both scalloped edges are the same, then the issue of unevenness is with your tension. Achieving even tension on chains is something that comes with practice...even tatters who have been at it 10 or more years can still have trouble with even tension on chains, if they are not careful.

    If you make these again, snug up your chains and examine them for a moment before proceeding. You will find more success with evening out your tension!

    (The second time I tat a motif, it always turns out better than the first...just my humble experience.)

  2. Oops, I forgot to mention that I think your Black Raspberry earrings turned out beautifully! They are quite lovely. I hope you tat them again if you are less than satisfied.

  3. Hello, I am working on those earrings now. I am stuck at chain 14. How do I attached Chain 14 to ring 12 as it shows in the picture? thank you.

  4. Hello Dbvais! I'm so excited that you're trying this pattern and that you asked me for advice! After you have finished Chain 14, hold the working end of it against the picot on Ring 12. DNR (do not reverse). Using the working shuttle, draw the thread from the other shuttle through the picot and slip the working shuttle through the loop made with the second shuttle thread. Pull it snug as with any other join, then continue your work. If you are tatting with needles instead of shuttles, the method should be the same--join the two shuttle threads through the picot. If you need more help, including pictures or video, please e-mail me: esoraleak5060 at gmail dot com. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  5. Hello! Thank you for the information and the email. I finished the earring with my teacher. I need to have the earrings done that week to give to someone for a trip. The earrings turned out well. I added beads to some of the picots. Thank you again. I love your site!